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Sonora Desert Toad medicine and Venezuelan Yopo snuff from the Piaroa Tribe in the beautiful Mexican Caribbean on Bacalar Lagoon.

This is a weekend retreat that will be offered on the following dates:

August 28th – 31st

September 4th – 7th

September 11th – 14th

September 18th – 21st

September 25th – 28th

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This retreat includes transportation too and from the airport, lodging in a beautiful hotel by Lake Bacalar, one sacred Toad Medicine Ceremony, and one Venezuelan Yopo Ceremony.

Lake Bacalar is a unique lagoon that is composed of seven tones of blue and is surrounded by eight cenotes. It is also one of the two places in the world that has stromatolites, which are living rocks that produce oxygen bubbles in the water.  The lagoon is great for swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking. A dense jungle surrounds Lake Bacalar which is home to several archeological Mayan Ruins. We encourage our guests to extend their trips to experience the magic of the Mayan Ruins. Belize is also a short distance away that can be reached by car or boat.

The closest airport is in Chetumal, Mexico (CTM), which is about 15 minutes from Bacalar. It is the most economical to book a flight to Mexico City and then book an additional flight through Volaris, Interjet, or Aeromexico from Mexico City to Chetumal. A flight can also be booked to Cancun and an ADO Bus can be taken to Chetumal. Or alternatively, you could rent a car and explore Playa Del Carmen and Tulum on the way to Chetumal.

We ask for a donation of $1600 USD per person for one toad and one yopo ceremony plus transportation and lodging by Lake Bacalar. To participate in a ceremony, please send me an email at with your preferred retreat dates. Please include any questions you may have as well as any medical conditions, mental disorders, and a list of any medications, supplements, and/or recreational drugs you have consumed within the past 30 days. Medical information is kept private and confidential but it is important that I review your medical history to ensure there are no contraindications

if you only want to do Toad or Yopo and cover your own expenses then its $350usd for Toad and $500usd for Yopo

Atleast two weeks prior to arrival we require a deposit 50% of the total fee payable through Venmo, Paypal, Moneygram, or Western Union. We cannot hold your spot in the retreat until we receive the deposit.

Once we receive the deposit,  you will receive a confirmation email with all the information regarding your event.

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Venezuelan Yopo is a natural entheogenic medicine that safely combines plant based 5-MeO-DMT with an MAOI. Yopo originated in Brazil deep in the heart of the Amazon. There are many different South American Tribes that use Yopo and each have a unique recipe which differs in the types of DMT and monamine oxidase inhibitors used.

Venezuelan Yopo is prepared with the ground seed of the Ananthethera Peregrina plant that is mixed with the ashes and seeds of other plants and is configured into small plates or cakes of black, brown or white substance. The small cakes are then ground to become a fine powder.
The original way to consume this medicine is to inhale it with a yopera that is a tube-shaped instrument that bifurcates into two small tubes that fits into the nostrils.
We use a Tepi made of bone(which is simarly used in rapé) to project the yopo snuff to give it a greater force of penetration  and depth of arrival. The use of a Tepi is more common with larger doses of yopo that are given by shamans for healing.

Once the Yopo snuff is inhaled via the nostrils it is essential to drink another liquid substance containing caapi that acts as a natural relaxant and prepares the body chemically for the visionary experience. This substance is the MAOI.
One of these substances may be Ayahuasca (but there are others), which when given in small quantities produces the preparation effect.
The experience begins after 5 minutes of inhaling the yopo and drinking the MAOI.
The body begins to warm up and you begin to feel a tingling pleasure throughout the body.
You feel a body awareness and discomfort that invites you to purify the body with vomiting, which have the goal of detoxifying the body and unblocking all energy channels.
It is then when the visions begin that they have the purpose of mismatching the mechanisms that sustain the structure of thought in order to produce confusion, an indispensable aspect to open new perceptive spaces and spiritual insights.
One of the fantastic effects of the Yopo is that it momentarily crushes the masks and characters that we interpret in everyday life in order to see the true face of who we are.
The experience with the Yopo also immerses us in an immeasurable feeling of gratitude and understanding.
Yopo is the perfect bridge between ayahuasca and Bufo Alvarius.
The first part of the experience is idiosyncratic of the yopo in itself but then gradually leads us to an experience similar to the ayahuasca that leads us in an elegant way and without the spectacular reactions of the Bufo Alvarius towards an experience of fullness.
Yopo unmasks truth and unveils taught human conditionings  that are not easily visible with other medicines. The full experience lasts for approximately eight hours. During that time the participant is medically monitored with a loving a safe space held for them energetically.

BENEFITS: Yopo medicine has several favorable qualities for different situations. Including the detoxification of different drugs, combating addiction and alcoholism, lowering anxiety, and reducing depression.

Yopo offers revitalization of the body, eliminates parasites and biliary toxins, improves social bonds, detoxifies the pineal gland and restructures the bone marrow. It  fights chronic fatigue, aides in changing unhealthy habits (poor diet, depression, stress), treats attention deficit, helps in cases of hepatitis, herpes and hormonal imbalances.
It helps with various obsessive-compulsive disorders, psychiatric disorders (personality disorder, panic attacks and anxiety, phobias).
Yopo has been used for thousands of years with the function of protecting communities against misfortunes, epidemics and diseases.  It renews the spirit and helps ascertain personal goals. It also assists in rediscovering very deep internal feelings and healing intense traumas.

Yopo is a true medicine of both spiritual and physical healing.

There is no case of death or psychotic outbreaks due to yopo consumption. Yopo is the only safe way of consuming 5-MeO-DMT with an MAOI.