IBOGAINE is a naturally occurring psychoactive alkaloid derived from the roots of the African rainforest shrub Tabernathe Iboga. It is a unique psychoactive substance with an incredible capacity to heal severe traumas, addictions, and to correct negative lifestyle patterns.

Bwiti is a form spirituality practiced in Western Africa that uses iboga in spiritual and healing ceremonies. Iboga is believed to unlock the keys to the other side and to take you on a dreamlike journey through life memories allowing one to revisit and make peace with subconscious wounds.

There are risks associated with the ingestion of Ibogaine which make it vital to take under the care of a certified medical doctor and for appropriate testing to be done prior to treatment including a 12-lead electrocardiogram and a full blood panel (potassium, magnesium, liver enzymes). A medical application must be completed and approved by the doctor  prior to treatment as well as a   complete inventory of all medications, supplements, and recreational drugs. Some medications and supplements can cause dangerous interactions and/or interfere with efficiency of ibogaine.

Ibogaine is given at approximately 8:00 pm and the participant is medically monitored by the doctor throughout the night. Ancestral Bwiti music and 432 Hz vibrations are played throughout the ceremony which helps guide the participant in their experience.  Space is held with divine light and love for the participant by a sitter. During the first eight hours intense dreamlike visions will occur that are often a reflection of the subconscious and childhood.  Many people encounter a spiritual guide during their trip which they affectionately call Papa Iboga. Papa Iboga is believed to be the spirit of of the plant itself. He has a father like energy and will show the participant exactly what they need to see for healing in a compassionate and loving manner.