Blood Moon Ibogaine Retreat in Ensenada -Oct 2021-

Experience ibogaine in Baja Mexico 

Come and go through one of the wisest and oldest experiences in Life 

Connect with your ancestors and Source 

Heal spiritual Trauma and blockages 

Clean your body 

Induce a powerful Entheogenic/ Spiritual Experience in hands of experienced medical personnel who will guide you through a 3 day experience at our Private Facility in Baja California Mexico. 
Ibogaine, a naturally occurring alkaloid found in Tabernanthe iboga and other plant species of Central West Africa, was first reported to treat opiate and cocaine dependence disorders. The plant iboga has been used for centuries by western equatorial African tribes as a spiritual advisor/oracle, death/rebirth rituals, and for inducing a religious experience.

In regards to the experience with ibogaine, There is no question but that ibogaine is a rough trip, probably the toughest one to endure physically as well as mentally. As the hallucinogenic dose appears to be several times higher than the stimulant dose, the user must endure intense and unpleasant central stimulation in order to experience the hallucinogenic effects. Hence the importance of being guided by one of the most experienced medical officers on the planet. We will offer you the maximum tolerated dose for your body for you to benefit from its effect.

Ibogaine Experience in Baja

Date of next Event:

       October 15th -18th 2021

3 days retreat for psycho spiritual Enrichment / not for opioid detoxification 

– individual or group sessions 

(maximum 5 attendees/event)

– transportation to and from the San Diego International Airport included 

– cardiologist consultation assessment prior to session

– maximum dose experience (individually assessed)  

  • personal chef 
  • personal bedroom and bathroom with WIFI
  • luxurious private Facility 
  • personal therapist session post ibogaine 
  • 24/7 medical supervision 


Price $5,000usd/person


For more information please email us at sacredheartsonora@gmail.com